100% You Assessment

If you're an ambitious woman leader or a resourceful man who refuses to play small, but is sometimes taken down by exhaustion, fuzzy brain or blocks to fulfillment, I’m glad you're here. If you're looking for innovative ways to recharge and get your life and business to 100% and you resonate with the following statements, you're definitely in the right place.

  • I'm already successful in my field and am looking for a daily proven practice for maintaining and sustaining energy, vitality and momentum.
  • I’m looking to leverage my success by creating better health, wellness and visualization techniques that are not dependent upon me making significant lifestyle changes.
  • I recognize that I need to embrace new strategies to create sustainable energy, clear focus and momentum, but am not sure where to turn.
  • I’m willing to invest emotionally and financially to create the shifts I am looking for in my life and business.
  • I’m looking for a health coach, mentor or cutting edge methodologies that will help bring about the change I am seeking.

If this sounds like you, please continue by taking the 100% YOU Assessment below. It’s designed it to help you see where you are “spot on” in your vitality and business and where you need to make some adjustments to experience improved results.

Once you take the assessment, check your inbox right away. Not only will you receive your resulting score, you will also receive some important “next steps” based on where you are today. My promise is that you will come away from this experience feeling clear, inspired and ready to take powerful action to stabilize your essence and grow your business.

0 = I’ve not addressed this at all 4 = I’ve given this some attention
7 = I’m doing really well here 10 = I’ve totally nailed this

I. Perception

1. I'm free to fully express myself.

2. I'm not stuck, frustrated or mysteriously held back in any area of life.

3. My relationship past does not interfere with my present relationships.

4. I'm in the full flow of wealth and abundance.

5. All of my life's soul contracts are helping me express myself and I'm fully supported.

II. Essence

1. I consistently feel fully connected with my higher self.

2. My connection with source is open and free flowing.

3. I consistently experience the kind of love, honor and respect I know I deserve.

4. I am a master at activating my connection with God.

5. I deeply and profoundly use prayer and meditation to keep myself feeling fresh and alive.

III. Matter

1. I love my body as it is.

2. My hormones and body chemistry work supremely well.

3. I have regular daily, healthy practices to maintain and improve my youthful vibrancy.

4. My body chemistry and DNA programs provide a healthy, wealthy, loving ground from which I flourish.

5. I'm growing younger, healthier, and stronger each day.

IV. Energy

1. My chakras and the energy body are working 100%.

2. I enjoy access to the quantum pleasure field daily through meditation and am renewed and clear.

3. I sleep very soundly every night.

4. My aura is always in close to me, has a protective edge and helps me avoid negativity from others.

5. I feel vibrant and alive everyday.

V. Your Commitment Level (0 = not very committed, 10 = I am very committed!)

1. I'm ready and willing to discover exactly what's been holding me back.

2. I have a clear income goal for the next year and I’m committed to reaching it.

3. I have a budget in place and will do whatever it takes to get to 100%.

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